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Water-cooled welding at the highest level

Welding causes extremely high temperatures – the arc can reach up to 30,000 ° C, which of course has a very negative effect on the service life of all components. The solution is water-cooled welding. SMC has developed very special solutions in this area.

If you want to achieve more productivity and quality when welding, you have come to the right place at SMC. Our complete solutions for water-cooled welding bring many advantages – including a longer electrode life, higher welding speed and a stable arc.

This is how the complete SMC solution for water-cooled welding works

wassergekühltes SchweißenLike every complete solution, ours consists of individual parts that interlock and are perfectly coordinated. We are happy to support our customers in the development and fine-tuning of the components. All in all, these individual parts make the big difference for the user:

  • From the chiller, the cooling water can be distributed to several welding strands at the same time, which can be cooled at the same time. This means that only one device is required; maintenance costs are reduced, as is the space requirement.
  • Permanent flow monitoring guarantees that process changes are recognized in good time. In this way, the cooling function remains ensured. If the flow is too low, an alarm is triggered automatically. The customer can react accordingly to prevent damage to his system.
  • Communication with the welding system is possible with digital inputs and outputs as well as with the standardized transmission type RS232 / RS485.

Which components are cooled:

  • The welding torch is provided with holes through which water is passed, thus cooling the gas nozzle and the electrode. Of course, this increases the durability of the electrode, but also ensures a focused arc.
  • When welding, high currents are used. Usually all power lines are laid in a hose so that the cables are automatically cooled. Condensation can be prevented by setting the chiller’s setpoint to 20 to 25 ° C.
  • If the chiller is designed accordingly, other components such as electric motors or shields can also be cooled.
    For many customers, we have already implemented special complete solutions for water-cooled welding, always with the main focus on optimizing the application together with the customer according to their specific needs and requirements.

One provider, many advantages

In addition to greater convenience, SMC also scores from an economic point of view: many applications have several independent systems in operation at the same time and just as many cooling systems installed. The consequences are significantly higher maintenance costs and often a lack of space. With the complete SMC solution, all of this is a thing of the past.