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What drives us

Information technology is developing rapidly and with it the requirements of our customers. We accept the challenge. So that you are always up to date. Because our goal is your satisfaction. That is why we support automation with the latest pneumatic technologies.

In order for you to be satisfied, we need to understand what you need. Our organization is designed precisely for this: We listen to you and develop new, innovative solutions for you. No matter where you are at home. Our worldwide locations form a global network from which you can benefit.

Our three pillars

1. Technical development

You ask, we develop: We answer your questions clearly and in detail. And develop exactly what you need. More than 1,500 engineers in 5 technical centers in Germany, Great Britain, Japan, China and the United States are looking for new trends to develop new world-class products.

We use the synergies of our teams – we share information and maintain close contact so that we can immediately react to all requirements worldwide. For you this means: Top quality and best support, no matter where you are.

2. Production and delivery

You ask, we deliver: Our product range offers you 12,000 basic models with around 700,000 variations. Whatever you need, with us you get everything from one source.

Our production facilities are spread all over the world. 12 production sites in Europe (Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and Turkey) and 12 factory locations (USA, Asia, Africa) guarantee permanent availability.

Our European Central Warehouse is strategically located in Antwerp. Together with the local stocks, this warehouse ensures that all your orders are delivered particularly quickly.

3. Sales and communication

You ask, we answer: You can only understand if you speak the same language. That is why we have a large, experienced sales force in every country and region. Close communication with our customers all over the world ensures that we always understand you correctly.

We currently have more than 400 sales offices in over 80 countries. The first European subsidiary was founded in Switzerland in 1976. Today, SMC subsidiaries exist in more than 25 European countries. Overall, we achieve a market share of more than 30% with our local subsidiaries.

More than 8000 sales people are there to know your needs and wishes. Your advantages: We are always there for you and always close to you.

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