SMC thermal support

SMC products are used all over the world. That is why we can guarantee you worldwide temperature support. SMC offers a global network.

We are currently present with more than 400 branches and distributors in more than 80 countries around the globe. Asia, Oceania, North / Central / South America and Europe. Thanks to this global network, we can deliver our wide range of products worldwide combined with the best service. We also offer extensive support for local factories as well as international manufacturing- and Japanese- companies in each country.

SMC Temperiersupport

Our all-round service for your chillers

Everything about thermo-chillers: We support you from A-Z so that your systems always run trouble-free. At SMC you will find

  • Support with device selection
  • Measurement / determination of the necessary cooling capacity, pressure drop, power consumption of an existing system
  • TCO & ROI calculations
  • Sample devices
  • Training
  • Optimization of the entire cooling circuit (pressure reduction, electrochemical corrosion)
  • Customer application tests in our own laboratory
  • Complete solutions (from temperature control unit to application)

Are you planning a refrigeration system or want to improve your existing one? Then get in touch with us!