SMC Thermo Chiller

Optimise your process quality by using the precise thermal control of our Chiller systems.

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Benefit from the SMC-Products and technologies in order to find the optimal, custom fitted process solution.
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SMC Fluid

Discover our latest developments to increase the productivity and efficiency in your business.

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SMC Hochvakuum

Find special components in the high vacuum range for your modern production methods.

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Automate your industrial valves with our all-in-one solutions. Get all your products from a single source.

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SMC Life Science

Small and reliable: our top technology for all of your demands in life science.

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Welcome to SMC

We can do much more: with your help we design custom fitted solutions to fulfill the tasks more percisely, with more safety and efficiency. Your wishes are our drive. We are located around the globe and our solutions are global. We are offering the full range: from products to service everything from one professional provider. Become one of our globally content costumers.

SMC – industry leader for all solutions in the field of automation. Without valves, thermal chiller and controller of all kind the modern industry wouldn’t exist.

We are specialised in valve and controller technology as well as tempering units. Our high quality products have an accelent lifespan and require minimal maintenance work. Increase your productivity – with our wide range of products for every situation, for example:

  • microelectronics
  • manufacturing industry
  • bioanalytics and life science
  • wastewater treatment
  • food packagingg
  • mining industry and resources
  • and much more

SMC offers 12.000 products in 700.000 variations for different – even ultrapure – applications and fluids. Use our network of engineers to find the perfect solution to your wishes and profit from our high standards.

We listen to you  – worldwide

Our technology is not only from the 21st century – we are further ahead. The global information technology advances quickly and the business methods keep on changing.

We pay attention to your wishes, even the most unusual ones. The more challenging the requirements, the more innovative the solution our engineers will come up with will be. Thanks to our business locations around the globe we have direct connections to all important countries in America, Europe and Asia.

Industry solutions

Our service for your company

We are an active player on the global market. We provide the global network with a stable supply chain of different products, highest demanding technical service and a solid communication basis. We develop, produce and distribute our products with the goal to satisfy your demands by 100%.



SMC – go for quality

We provide more than 50 years of experience and qualified experts – an unbeatable combination to fulfill your demands. We developed systems for gas and fluid and employ spcialists in temperature control and Chiller: that’s how we provide complete and custom fitted solutions for your business.

Benefit from our products and designs: improve your systems, increase the productivity and perform work more reliable and efficent. We are your specialists for gas and fluid as well as your experts for temperature control and Chillers. If you value quality in products and service, you will choose SMC.

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