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About Life Science

Life science is a generic term for all topics that deal with the processes and structures of living things. Part of it is medical technology. This branch of industry is growing very quickly and is developing rapidly. The devices are getting smaller and can do more. Regardless of whether manufacturers of devices for the analysis of proteins, blood and urine, dental technology or chromatography – all companies in this branch need a reliable partner.

Tailor-made solutions for you

We have years of experience and know what is important. We listen to you and find the best solution for your company. The focus of our work is real application – practical, tested and made for the needs of our customers. You too can benefit from our know-how. Service comes first at SMC. SMC has five technical centers, two of which are located in Europe. More than 1000 engineers are constantly working on projects for customers and new products. Any questions? Then you don’t waste time. Ask our team of experts!

Product information

LVM VentilThe LVM is our offer for analytics. The valve is small, light and with an optimized dead space. And not only that, it also scores with a long service life of min. 10 million cycles.

  • Media-separated diaphragm valve
  • Rocker type construction
  • Change in internal volume when switching on / off 0.01µl max
  • Membrane options: FKM, EPDM, FFKM




LVDSMC has a large selection of PFA or Teflon diaphragm and needle valves as well as regulators, fittings and hoses. These have the best resistance to chemicals e.g. Acids, alkalis and (organic) solvents.

You can find out more about our range here.

SMC Serie LSPA very special pump for analytics. This new product is only a few cm in size and dispenses volumes in the µl range.


  • Pump that delivers a certain volume per stroke like a dispenser.
  • 5-200µl liquid per stroke
  • +/- 1% repeatability

SMC has a wide range of diaphragm pumps for high purity chemicals. Our pumps are light, compact and highly efficient and made for the highest demands.

Product overview

ManifoldSpace is always scarce for modern devices in analytics and our answer to this problem is made-to-measure manifolds. Lines, reservoirs and a wide variety of connections can be incorporated into these plastic blocks. SMC is not only able to manufacture the manifold for our customers, but can also offer accessories. This includes valves, regulators, fittings, pressure gauges, sensors and switches for pressure and flow. Possible materials for the block: PMMA (acrylic), PVC, PSU, PEI, PEEK.

  • Saves space
  • Integrated tubing
  • Light weight




  • Low vibration (petlier)
  • 19 “rack mounting possible
  • Extra stable temperature
  • Consumes little electricity

More chillers




There is no autosampler without electric drives! They are the heart of every automatic movement in the laboratory. No matter what type of movement, whether straight, turning or gripping – we have the right thing for you! With I / O and fieldbus controllers you have full control. With SMC, your samples are in safe hands.

Do you have a challenge for us? Contact us today – we’ll listen to you. Our customers are important to us.

LE *, overview of all drives


  • Servo or stepper motor
  • Belt drive or ball screw
  • High precision and reproducibility


LER, part-turn actuators


  • Shock-free drive
  • High speed
  • Repeatability: +/- 0.05 °
  • Low case


LEHZ & LEHS, electric gripper


  • Small housing with many stroke sizes
  • Position, speed and force can be adjusted
  • Consumes little electricity

Products LEHZ (two fingers)

Products LEHS (three fingers)

SMC is the world leader in the field of pneumatic and electrical automation. With more than 12,000 products in around 700,000 possible variants, we have the best solution for you. Let the high quality convince you. Since the founding of SMC in 1959, the customer has come first. Tell us about your project – we will be happy to advise you.

AC30Air treatment (maintenance units, filters, controllers, dryers, …)


  • Products are small and light
  • Large selection of combinations
  • Elements can be exchanged easily


IDGIDG, dryer based on membranes


  • Free from fluorinated greenhouse gases
  • Very low dew points (-60 ° C)
  • No vibration or heat dissipation


SYElectromagnetic valves for pneumatic control


  • Smallest valves with large flow
  • Consumes little electricity
  • Many variants for fastening


PFM5Pressure and flow sensors


  • For air or liquid media
  • Analog and digital outputs
  • Display: integrated or external



Space is money

Medical technology often has to accommodate many components in very little space. For this reason, SMC has a large selection of extra small products. One example is the pump of the LSP series, which is only slightly higher than a match. Another development are blocks made of plastic (manifold), which are equipped with channels. With this solution, significantly more cables can be accommodated in extremely little space than would be possible with hoses.


Analytics means moving samples

Every modern analysis device in medical technology or other branches of life science has an autosampler. This is an automatic system to bring the sample in the exact amount into the device and for analysis. As specialists in this field, we have the right product for every movement. Regardless of whether you are gripping, moving, opening or closing caps, pipetting and much more – we have the ideal solution for you!

Temperature is important

In medical technology, SMC relies on Thermo-cons with Peltier elements. With these you can set the temperature extremely precisely. Once set, the temperature only fluctuates by + -0.01 ° C. Since these devices do not have a compressor, they work quietly and almost vibration-free.