Pumpen für aggressive Chemikalien von SMC Fluidcontrol

Pumps for aggressive chemicals – nothing gets stuck!

When pumps have to transport highly aggressive acids or alkalis, they quickly reach their limits. Unless they were made by SMC. Because our pumps for aggressive chemicals fulfill the highest requirements.

Many know the problem: Your pump conveys a highly aggressive acid, which you need for the surface treatment of glasses, crystals or other products. And then it gets stuck without warning and production stops. It may take days before you have installed the necessary spare parts or replaced the entire pump. This is not only annoying, but also economically problematic. Especially if timely delivery dates depend on your equipment operates smoothly.

Why pumps for aggressive chemicals get stuck

SMC Fluidcontrol: Pumpen für aggressive Chemikalien

In most cases, it is the same two weaknesses that put your pumps into early retirement. The chemicals diffuse – particles penetrate the plastic membranes – and attack the metal slide behind it, which then corrodes quickly and can no longer move on. The second problem is mostly caused by low-quality plastics that deform due to permanent contact with the chemicals.

SMC has therefore developed special pumps for aggressive chemicals that score with a particularly long service life and reliability. Instead of stainless steel valves, we use ceramic valves that cannot corrode. And our specially treated, hardened PTFE for the check valves never changes shape – so the pump can do its job unhindered.

Specially designed pumps for all challenges

Pumps often go through a lot. They have to move liquids over long distances and elevations, overcome gravity and deal with pressure drops that are often unnoticeable to anyone. All of this further reduces their lifespan. If the cross-section is then incorrectly calculated and the pump is too small, production downtimes are inevitable. Reaching large pumps for this reason is an unnecessarily costly solution.

SMC helps you to find the right pump for your application. Our pumps for aggressive chemicals save time and money: They are available in two versions (1-20 l / min and 5-45 l / min), are practically maintenance-free, durable and guarantee you a smooth production process.

Are you interested in a durable, long-life pump for your production? The SMC team will be happy to help!