The pinch valve from SMC - LPV

Small but powerful: The pinch valve from SMC – LPV

Pinch valves are essential in many areas when it comes to controlling fluids. From the medical and food industries to water and wastewater treatment, these valves have numerous uses.

What is a pinch valve?

A pinch valve is a valve that regulates the flow of a liquid through a flexible tube. It works by mechanically compressing, or ” pinching”, the tube to stop the flow of liquid.

Advantages of pinch valves

Pinch valves offer many advantages that make them the preferred choice in your industry:

  1. hygienic and easy to maintain: pinch valves are easy to clean and therefore ideal for applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries. They are also easy to maintain thanks to the simple replacement of the tube.
  2. versatility: pinch valves are used in a wide range of applications, e.g. for dosing, transferring, emptying, and filling.
  3. minimal contamination: as the medium only comes in contact with the tube, the risk of contamination is minimized.
  4. minimum space requirement: with a compact width of only 20 mm, the LPV can be easily integrated into existing systems.

Application area of the LPV

The pinch valve is used in many industries:

  • Food and beverage industry: dosing of ingredients.
  • Pharmaceutical industry: controlling pharmaceutical ingredients.
  • Chemical industry: control of chemical solutions and reaction processes.
  • Environmental technology: water treatment, wastewater purification and environmental protection applications.
  • Biotechnology: cultivation of microorganisms and cell cultures.
  • Medical technology: precise control of liquids in medical devices.

The pinch valve LPV from SMC offers a reliable solution for all these applications and many more.

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