Environmentally resistant temperature control unit for harsh environments

Environmentally resistant temperature control unit for harsh environments

Our temperature control unit for circulating media of the HRS-R series is extremely environmentally resistant. With its completely metal housing, it is specially made for environments with harsh conditions such as dust particles or splash water.

Optionally, the housing is also available in stainless steel, as is required, for example, within the food industry (milk and beer production as well as food packaging industry).

The electrical unit (circuit boards and other components) is surrounded by an IP54 enclosure, which guarantees high shock resistance and good protection against moisture.

Large tank for easier maintenance

In order to simplify the maintenance process, the capacity of the container for the reflux of the circulating medium has been extended. Optionally, the HRS-R  Chiller can be equipped with a 12-liter tank to absorb more liquid.


The inclined filler neck makes iteasier to refill the circulation medium – even if two  chillers are on top of each other. By means of a display, the filling level can be checked at a glance.

A separate, lidded opening also makes it easier to clean the container.

Practical functions of the HRS-R series temperature control unit

Timer function: A setting in 0.5 hour increments up to 99.5 hours is possible and can be made in such a way that, for example, on a Saturday a stop and am Monday morning a restart takes place.

With the function to switch the display unit, the units for temperature and pressure can be changed.

The auto-restart function allows the automatic restart after a stop due to a power lossor similar, without having to press a button. Remote operation is also possible.

The freeze protection function prevents the circulation medium from freezing by the pump starting automatically with the conveyance of the medium and heating it with its own waste heat as soon as the medium approaches the freezing point.

Features of the HRS-R Chiller

Summarizes the specifications of our environmentally friendly temperature control unit of the HRS-R series at a glance:

  • Cooling capacity: 1.7 kW to 4.5 kW
  • Temperature stability +/- 0.1°C
  • Ambient temperature: 5 to 45°C
  • Metal housing, optionally made of stainless steel
  • Optional increased tank volume of 12 litres (instead of 5 litres as with the HRS device) for the circulation medium
  • With heating function: hot gas of the refrigerant is used instead of a heating element
  • Self-diagnosis function and display of up to 31 alarm codes
  • Electrical unit protection: IP54
  • Fewer maintenance intervals of the pump (no external leaks occur due to the use of a magnetic pump)
  • Compatible with mains voltages in Europe, Asia, Oceania, North, Central and South America
  • Very user-friendly due to large digital display

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