HED thermo-con

Direct temperature control of chemicals using HED thermos-con

With our HED thermo-con series, the temperature of chemicals and high-purity media can be controlled directly.

Direct temperature control of chemicals with the SMC thermos-con ensures temperature stability of +/- 0.1° Celsius. The part which are in contact with the chemicals are made of chemical resistant plastic PFA, which prevents contamination from metal ion leaching.

A compact design and low weight are the result of the specially developed heat exchanger, which we have specially adapted to the shape of the Peltier elements.


Peltier-technology for cooling and heating

A Peltier element is an electrothermal converter that generates either a temperature difference when current flows through it or a current flow when there is a temperature difference. Peltier elements are suitable for cooling and for heating (with current direction reversal).

The biggest advantages of Peltier elements are their small size and light weight, as well as enabling fast switching and precise temperature control.

The Peltier effect is based on the contact of two semiconductors whose conduction bands have different energy levels. With increasing current, the efficiency decreases, with good supply and dissipation of heat, it increases.


Applications of the HED thermos-con

Applications of our thermo-con series HED are mainly in the semiconductor industry, for example in cleaning devices, coating systems and wet etching systems. But chemicals tanks can also be tempered with it.

Anwendungen des HED Thermo-Controllers

Chemical processes require stable temperatures

In the semiconductor industry in particular, the requirements for stable temperatures in chemical processes are becoming increasingly demanding. The structures, which are constantly becoming smaller, require maximum purity and precise processes.

Conductive molecules, i.e. metals, must not get onto the wafers (thin silicon discs that are processed into microchips). To do this, all the media required to process the wafer must be fed into UHP (Ultra High Purity) systems. Since even the smallest traces of metal in the thin tracks cause short circuits, these fine structures are manufactured in clean rooms.


Applicable media for direct temperature control

Examples of media hat can be tempered directly using the SMC thermos-con series HED are:

  • Pure water
  • Hydrofluoric acid
  • Sulfuric acid (except fuming)
  • Copper sulphate solution
  • Ammonia hydrogen peroxide solution
  • Sodium hydroxide
  • Ozone water

The operating temperature range for the media mentioned is between 10 and 60° Celsius.


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