Fitting für aggressive Chemikalien von SMC

The fitting that leaves nothing to chance – ideal for aggressive chemicals

When aggressive acids, bases or other dangerous chemicals are transported through a system, problems usually occur at the weakest link: the connector, also known as a fitting. The LQ3 system from SMC is the gold standard among fittings.

How fit is your fitting?

Fitting is one of the most important areas when it comes to the safe transport of aggressive chemicals. If defects occur here, the safety and health of the employees can be endangered. In addition, there is of course the material damage that leaking chemicals such as highly concentrated hydrofluoric acid, sulfuric acid or ammonia can cause.

For this reason, checking and maintaining these connections between valves, filters, pumps and hoses requires a great deal of attention and time. You have to make sure that the fitting is absolutely leak-free.

Fitting from SMC: Safe and uncomplicated

The LQ3 system from SMC ensures absolute tightness. And saves a lot of time with its patented, well thought-out design.

But what are the biggest problems and risks with fittings? First of all, of course, leaks. When the temperatures in the medium rise, the hose naturally expands. This can loosen the nut, the hose slide down and chemicals are released.

SMC has solved this problem: The LQ3 system is absolutely tight even with temperature fluctuations from 20 ° C to 200 ° C. The hose made of high-quality plastic naturally expands when the temperature rises. But unlike conventional systems, a clamping ring pulls the hose back into the correct position so that there are no leaks.

The gold standard for fittings

Instead of a normal thread, every fitting from SMC has a trapezoidal thread. The defined mounting position ensures that the nut stays in place in any case. It is simply tightened to the end stop during assembly and it can be checked at a glance whether everything has been assembled correctly.

Even after transport by ship or plane, there is no need to retighten the nuts. Our customers can easily set up and start up their system at their destination. The often enormous expenditure of time for checking is no longer necessary, as is lengthy maintenance during operation.

Since in many cases the parts are very complex and installed in the smallest of spaces, a large part of the system would often have to be dismantled for maintenance – and only to make sure that the nuts are properly seated. Our customers save this effort. By the way, they often compare the LQ3 system with the Gardena system because it is so simple, uncomplicated and safe.

Find the right fittings immediately: the LQ3 configurator

Anyone who has ever looked for the right product number in an online catalog will particularly appreciate our LQ3 configurator. Here you will find all product details at a glance and can immediately look up which fitting is the right one. It’s best to try it yourself!

Note: The macros must be allowed when opening the configurator.