Tank bushing with chemically resistant, tight fitting

Tank bushing with chemically resistant, tight fitting

Conventional tank passages often only work with improvised solutions that are neither chemically resistant nor 100% leakproof. At SMC, we have developed a fitting that allows you to put a tube through a tank wall without having to cut the tube off.

In this video on our YouTube channel you can see how SMCs bore trough fitting works.

The special thing about the SMC bore trough fitting

Chemical resistance and tightness – these are the two outstanding properties of our bore trough fitting.

The PFA plastic that the fitting is made of is perfect for chemicals such as acids, alkalis and deionized water (demineralized water) and an operating temperature of max. 200° Celsius.

With our fitting you can remove liquids from a container (tank, pipe, etc.) without having to cut the tube on both sides. The fact that the tube remains intact ensures a particularly tight connection.

What else can be done with the bore through fitting

  • It can be used for metric (3 to 25 mm) and imperial (1/8 to 1 inch) tubing.
  • You can freely choose the line position: The tube or sensor can be inserted as far as you want into the tank or pipe – without cutting it off.

Applications and uses

Applications Tank bushing with chemically resistant, tight fitting

The SMC bore trough fitting is suitable for a wide range of applications due to its chemical resistance and tightness:

  • Pressurization of chemicals
  • Filling chemicals into a tank or draining them from a tank
  • Monitoring the temperature of media
  • Measuring parameters such as pH value or conductivity of a medium
  • Taking samples from large pipelines, e.g., for dirty water
  • Allow liquids to drain from an elevated tank
  • Tube-in-tube heat exchanger: using LQHB, it is possible to run a tube with a smaller diameter through a tube with a larger diameter, with the cooling medium located between the two tubes

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