Temperature control units for 19-inch racks

Temperature control units for 19-inch racks

Are you faced with the challenge that you only have a limited floor space available for your cooling units?

Then our Thermo-Chillers of the HRR series as well as our Thermo-cons of the HECR series are particularly suitable because they fit into a standardized 19-inch rack. This allows you to save more than 50 percent of floor space – our short video will give you a first impression.

HRR Series Thermo Chiller

HRR Series Thermo ChillerHRR thermal chillers combine a lightweight, compact design with high cooling capacity and can both cool and heat. A temperature stability of +/- 0.1° Celsius is guaranteed. The cooling capacity ranges from 0.95 kW to 4.5 kW in the air-cooled version, and up to 5.0 kW in the water-cooled version.

Temperature control units of the HRR series are easy and convenient to maintain, as all maintenance parts can be reached via a maintenance flap located on the front. In addition, maintenance can be planned thanks to the self-diagnosis of the chiller.

A bypass valve and a flow sensor are built in as standard, which makes it very easy to adjust the flow rate in the application. Both flow rate and pressure control can be displayed on a colour display. An angled filler neck facilitates the filling of the circulation medium.

By installing it in a 19-inch rack, the footprint can be reduced by 53 percent (according to EIA standards) because several HRR thermo chillers can be installed in one cabinet at the same time. So, you only need a very small parking space.

Thermal chillers of the HRR series are specially designed to meet the needs of the laser industry. However, they are also suitable for electron microscopes, digital X-ray machines or the cooling of samples and reagents.

HECR Series Thermo-cons

Temperature control units for 19-inch racksOur HECR-Thermo-cons are high-precision temperature control units in Peltier design that can be mounted in 19-inch racks to save space. Peltier elements can be used for both cooling and heating.

The adjustable temperature range of our Thermo-cons extends from 10 to 60 °Celsius, the temperature stability is extremely high at +/- 0.01 °Celsius. In the air-cooled version, our devices provide a cooling capacity of 200 to 1,000 watts, the water-cooled version is available with 800 and 1,200 watts.

Thermo-cons are suitable for precise temperature control of a heat source or process media. They are refrigerant-free, environmentally friendly and impress with their low-noise and energy-saving design. The construction without a compressor naturally has fewer moving parts – this results in less vibration and less turbulence, which ensures a greatly reduced noise development. Due to the lack of blowers, the water-cooled version in particular is quieter.

The filling connection is located on the front, so the medium (tap water or ethylene glycol 20%) can be supplied without having to remove the device from the rack. The volume of the circulating medium can be checked by means of a viewing window located below. Draining the circulating medium is possible without removing the hose, as the outlet connection is also located on the front.

HECR-Thermo-cons are suitable for high-precision applications that require low-vibration operation, such as:

  • Laser beam processing and laser markers – cooling of the laser-irradiated part
  • UV drying system for printing, varnishing, gluing and sealing – the UV lamp is cooled
  • digital X-ray machines – monitoring the temperature of the tube and light sensor
  • Electron microscope – the temperature of an electron-irradiated part is monitored
  • Ultrasonic Wave Tester – Temperature Monitoring of the Ultrasonic Laser Part

Would you like to learn more about our space-saving HRR and HECR series temperature control units that can be mounted in 19-inch racks?

Contact us – our team will be happy to answer your questions.