JLV - the new, particle-optimized SMC valve series

JLV – the new, particle-optimized SMC valve series

We have developed our new JLV valve series (JLV20-Z07 and JLV30-Z11) especially for processing wafers in the semiconductor industry. If SMC valves of the JLV series are used, there is significantly less abrasion compared to similar valves and thus particles that could disrupt the production process and damage the wafer.

Microchip production requires highest purity

A wafer is the raw material from which microchips for computers are created, and translates as “thin slice.” Microchips are getting smaller and better, and their circuits are extremely small. This is why production in the semiconductor industry requires the highest purity – even the smallest traces of metals can cause short circuits.

How particle-optimized JLV valves work

In the microchip manufacturing process, the on-off valve ensures that the fluid flow of the medium is switched on or off – for example, when a chemical is applied to a wafer. The process must be particularly clean so that no impurities (particles) get onto the wafer, as this could disrupt the production process and damage the wafer or even destroy parts of the wafer.

JLV series valves are equipped with a so-called “piston shutter”. It reduces the closing speed in the last third of the shut-off process and thus reduces the kinetic energy acting on the valve seat. Less kinetic energy means less abrasion and therefore fewer particles.

Since SMC JLV series valves generate particularly few particles during the on and off switching process, the output on the customer side is increased.


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