HRSH inverter ensures power savings and reduced CO2 emissions

HRSH inverter ensures power savings and reduced CO2 emissions

The temperature control unit of the HRSH series for cooling water is particularly energy-saving thanks to its triple inverter. The HRSH chiller adjusts the motor speed depending on the load, so that the chiller requires up to 53 percent less energy than non-inverter devices.

The temperature stability of the chiller is +/- 0.1 ° C, whereby the circulating fluid can be heated even during the winter months without electrical heating: the hot gas discharged from the compressor is used for heating.

What does an inverter do?

An inverter is a frequency converter that is used to operate electric motors and electric drives. It converts the uniform alternating voltage supplied by the local power grid into an alternating voltage, where amplitude and frequency can be changed. The control of frequency and voltage enables a stepless regulation of the rotation speed. In addition, frequency converters buffer the motor’s peak start-up currents and thus ensure that the supply network remains fault-free.

Electricity savings through needs-based setting of the frequency

With its three inverters, the chiller regulates the motor speeds of the compressor, the pump and the fan in accordance with the load of the user system: If the HRSH chiller does not need full power or if the process is currently paused, the chiller can adjust the speed of the electric motors.

This means that electricity savings of up to 53 percent can be achieved. Reduced CO2 emissions go hand in hand with saving electricity.

Pressure of the circulating fluid adjustable thanks to the inverter pump

While a non-inverter pump is constantly operated with the nominal power, the motor speed of the inverter pump is regulated to match the required pressure.

The outlet pressure of the circulating medium can be set via the control panel display. The inverter pump automatically regulates the outlet pressure to the target pressure without having to set a bypass to the required conditions. This control can reduce power consumption. It is also possible to set a pump speed.

Inverter control ensures energy-saving operation

In the refrigeration circuit the combination of

  • the inverter control of the compressor
  • and the fan
  • and the precise control of the two expansion valves

ensures for energy-saving operation without any waste, but with very high temperature stability.

The setting of the outlet pressure in the circuit of the circulating fluid by the inverter-controlled pump avoids wasteful pumping of the circulating medium and thus also saves energy.

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