Thermo-chillers Monitoring Software

Thermo-chiller Monitoring Software

We developed the Thermo-chiller Monitoring Software especially for cooling units of the HRR series – it is designed to make your work easier.

Conveniently, this software does not need to be installed on the user’s PC – all you must do is copy the .exe file to the target directory and start it.

The connection to the cooling unit is made using a front USB port.

Functions of the HRR-Software

The purpose of the HRR software is to display the current measurement data of the chiller and to save it (if necessary). However, you can also carry out other functions with the software:

  • Download of measurement data
  • Delivery of graphical process data (live data of the operating parameters during operation), which facilitates an overview of the current conditions of the chiller
  • Monitor the operating status and log data such as temperature, pressure and flow rate
  • Execution of tests in the respective application
  • Setting and checking all parameters as well as saving the settings in the settings menu
  • General inspection of the chiller
  • Planning of preventive maintenance intervals
  • Error analysis
  • Display of alarm descriptions and history with process data

Features of the HRR-Software

The clear user interface consists of a control bar, navigation bar, process values, product information, display area and status bar.

The diagram that supplies the graphic process data automatically adapts to the chiller used (air or water-cooled, with or without DI control function).

You can display, change and transfer the settings and reset them to the factory settings. The configuration can be saved and copied.

The intervals of the maintenance overview can be adjusted either directly on the chiller or via the HRR software.

The software is available in ten languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.


Would you like to find out more about our HRR-Software and how it works?

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