Greenfield investments in industrial automation

Greenfield investments in industrial automation

The fourth industrial revolution has long since begun: “Industry 4.0” describes the digital networking of manufacturing processes – people, machines and processes are intelligently connected to each other via the Internet. The computer no longer functions as the central technology, but the Internet.

Anyone contemplating a major construction project is well advised to rely on competent, reliable partners right from the start.

What exactly does »Greenfield« mean?

Greenfield investment is the construction of a new production site »on a green field«. Examples of greenfield projects are new, fully digitized factories, power plants, production facilities and manufacturing plants.

So-called smart factories are based on digitally transformed and networked production, in which all machines and systems are equipped with sensors or chips and thanks to their “smart” functionality, processes can be continuously optimized.

Difference between Greenfield and Brownfield

Manufacturing plants and factories are usually built with a lifespan of at least 20 to 25 years. Only then can the costs be amortized and profits generated. That’s why greenfield investments tend to be the exception.

Many companies are therefore implementing digitization as part of a brownfield approach: In the first step, all analog components and processes of an existing production plant are digitized. The actual digital transformation then takes place, in which machines, people and materials are digitally networked using sensors or chips. That means manufacturing, delivery, maintenance, production, delivery and customer service are linked in real time via the Internet.

Automation in greenfield projects

If you plan and build a smart factory, automation is just as much a part as the construction of systems for gases, liquids, instrumentation and temperature control. When building a new production, the entire installation for all media must be created and also automated.

At SMC we can offer you a wide range of components for gas and chemical lines as well as solutions for cooling circuits.

Gas components

Every gas supply system has specific pressure, flow and material requirements. We can provide you with complete solutions for your gas applications – from regulators and valves to venturi vacuum generators to sensors.


With our ultra high purity products such as diaphragm pumps, chemical valves and pressure regulators, we can support you in automating your processes in the high-end industrial sector while increasing productivity and efficiency at the same time. It also gives you precise control over acids, bases and other liquid chemicals.


Numerous industrial processes in which heat is generated, such as lasers, analytics, welding, semiconductors, the printing industry, etc., require the use of temperature control units. This allows the temperature to be monitored and controlled, and the quality of the end product can also be improved if the cooling unit is selected and sized correctly.

Are you planning a greenfield investment and looking for a competent partner who will help you set up and automate the necessary systems for all media?

Contact us – we look forward to your greenfield project and would be happy to advise you!