Valve for gas bottles

Flushing Heads: The flushable valve for gas bottles

When processes take place with gases, there is often a risk for employees and the environment. Especially when it comes to poisonous, explosive or highly reactive gases that must not be released. Flushing Heads, the flushable valve for gas bottles, ensures that gas bottles can be exchanged safely.

Replace gas bottles – there is always a residual risk

If you change gas cylinders in your company, you know the problems: There are gas residues in the valves that are inevitably released. Depending on the gas, there is a high risk for your employees and also the environment. And certain gases must not escape under any circumstances.

Replace gas bottles safely with flushing heads

Flushing Heads, the flushable valve for gas bottles, solves these problems in an ingenious way. Instead of a conventional valve, a valve terminal with three valves is used, which are combined in the flushing head. A large connection leads to three outlets that you can open individually with valves.

But how does flushing heads work? Quite simply: One outlet leads to the process line, one is connected to nitrogen and one to a vacuum generator. In normal operation, only the process line is open. But as soon as the gas bottle is empty, you can close the valve to the process line. Now use the other two valves to alternately supply vacuum and nitrogen for cleaning into the valve terminal. In this way, you can safely open and replace the gas bottle without any gas residue escaping.

This solution is also beneficial for your processes, as the contact with air and moisture is kept very low and your process gas is not contaminated by the atmosphere.

SMC custom-made products for your processes

Regardless of the process involved – Flushing Heads, the flushable valve for gas cylinders, works with all possible combinations of manual and pneumatic valves. The custom-made products from SMC are tailored exactly to your requirements. From Din 477 connections to butt weld spigots to face-seal connections and beyond, everything is possible.

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