CYPO: Pneumatic cylinders with build-on positioners

CYPO: Pneumatic cylinders with build-on positioners

A cylinder positioner (CYPO) is a pneumatic cylinder with a mounted positioner. Usually, the piston rod of pneumatic cylinders can only be fully extended or fully retracted. However, the built-on positioner allows any desired position in between to be approached and held, which has numerous advantages.

With Smart Positioner in potentially explosive environments

SMC offers different variants for different applications. The most common CYPO is implemented with a so-called Smart Positioner and is universally applicable. It is individually designed and manufactured according to customer requirements and is available in many kinds of ATEX versions.

ATEX (French abbreviation for ATmosphères EXplosives) covers directives in the field of explosion protection for equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

With normal (non-ATEX) devices, there is always a risk of a spark being triggered and escaping gas, dusts or flammable liquids igniting on it. CYPOs, on the other hand, can be designed so that they can also be used in potentially explosive environments. To achieve the desired ATEX category in each case, the individual components of the CYPO must be selected accordingly.

Mit Smart Positioner für explosionsgefährdete Umgebungen

Advantages and applications of CYPOs

The use of CYPOs has many advantages:

  • They are robust, resistant, durable, and easy to handle.
  • Suitable for aggressive environments.
  • High temperature or low temperature versions available.
  • Require little maintenance.
  • Need almost no power when in the hold position.
  • Are available with fail-safe circuits and compressed air reservoir: brings the cylinder to a safe position in the event of power or compressed air failure.

CYPOs are used for large butterfly valves, control dampers, knife gate valves and multileaf dampers as well as wherever considerable quantities of different media such as exhaust gases, supply air, exhaust air, water vapor, gases or liquids have to be controlled.

Models of CYPOs

There are two main different types of mechanical transmissions for standard CYPOs. They are available with guide plate (this is the most used version) and with articulated rods.


A simple, affordable and at the same time robust solution is the CYPO with pneumatic positioner IP200, for which ATEX versions are also available. They can be easily combined with an electro-pneumatic pressure regulator series ITV and can thus be controlled with many different electrical signals.


If a positioner cannot be used directly on the cylinder due to vibration, temperature and harsh environmental conditions, or if there is not enough space, CYPOs with remote positioner and position sensor are a perfect solution.


The Air Servo Cylinder (IN-777 series) is a very fast and precise all-in-one solution for knife gate valves, large butterfly valves, control dampers, louver dampers, dart valves for flotation cells, etc.

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