SMC Bonded Layer Manifolds

Bonded Layer Manifolds – efficient in the smallest of spaces

Sometimes a large number of fluid channels have to find space in a very small space. For example in medical technology, when liquids or gases are transported through many different fluid channels. Bonded Layer Manifolds from SMC score here with their outstanding quality.

Valves, hoses and fittings need space. And that is not always there. Both analysis and medical technology have to accommodate complex fluid connections in the smallest of spaces.

What are bonded layer manifolds?

Bonded Layer Manifolds are fluid circuits that transport liquids or gases wherever there is no space for hoses, valves and fittings. They consist of individual layers (layers) into which different fluid channels are milled. The layers are then placed on top of each other and bonded to one another in a form-fitting and absolutely tight manner under exact pressure and temperature conditions (bonding process).

The most important advantages: They can contain many hundreds of fluid channels in the smallest space and can be precisely integrated into the respective devices. Integrated functions such as tanks or storage are easily possible and dead volume can be completely avoided with bonded layer manifolds.

Particularly pleasing for our customers: These are plug & play solutions. You do not have to hose anything, just fit the relevant device with the manifold and you’re done. The maintenance effort is also zero.

Manufacturing is about customer requirements

Bonded Layer Manifolds are always one-offs that are tailored to the specific requirements. At SMC you also benefit from our years of experience. We analyze your circuit diagrams before we start production and discuss with you on site how your fluid paths are best arranged.

As soon as we have your circuit diagram, we design a layout that can be adapted again if necessary. For you, this means maximum security: 1. that the bonded layer manifold exactly meets your requirements and 2. that no costly incorrect production is commissioned.

SMC: Your local contact

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